PREP- Religious Education

Contact our Religious Education Director, Rev. Michael J. Goyette at 484-0249 or by email at:

Overview of the Religious Education Program:

St.Gianna Beretta Molla Parish is a Latin Rite Roman Catholic Education Program.  This Program consists of two distinct but cohesive educational systems. Our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) educates children from the age of six to the age of eleven.  Within this program we have children of various ethnic backgrounds, and various degrees in the Sacramental life of the church.

Our Home School Program is one that involves the whole of the family. We provide the education and books to the parent so that they may impart the life of the church to their children.  Parents as the Primary Educator of the child, take the responsibility for the religious education of their child.

Rev. Michael J. Goyette, Religious Education Director

(609) 484-0249   email:

Religious Education Office Hours:
Monday: 9:00am till 12 Noon (Winter Hours: 9:00am to 7:30pm)
Tuesday: 9:00am till 12 Noon

Sacraments- requirements

Forms- Registration & Parental Permission

PREP- Parish Religious Education Program

Homeschool- Religious Education Program

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults- We meet weekly in September through Pentecost Sunday.
Contact: parish office at 646-5611

What is it? A process for any adult (High School aged and up) who has not received any or all of the three Sacraments of Initiation. The three Sacraments are: Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist. What is the process like? We meet weekly and discuss such topics as: Faith, Prayer, the Holy Trinity, the Sacraments (each one is a different session), Church Tour, the Rosary, the Ten Commandments, etc. There are no tests. At the conclusion, each participant receives the Sacraments of Initiation that he/she was missing, at the Easter Vigil. How long is the process? We hold sessions from early September until Pentecost Sunday of the next year.

When and Where: Every Wednesday evening from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM in the Family Memorial Center, the Parish Hall (behind the Rectory), in the first classroom to the left of the entrance.

How do I sign up? If you or someone you know needs one or more of the Sacraments of Initiation, please see Deacon George, Deacon Luis or Father Manuppella. You may also call the Parish office at 646-5611 and leave your contact informa- tion. One of the R.C.I.A. facilitators will be in touch with you. What is the next step? You will be asked to fill out an application, which gives us the pertinent information about the sacraments that you may have already received, or those that you need to receive. Before the first session, you will have a one-on-one interview to explain the process in greater detail. What happens now? We, the R.C.I.A. team, ask you, the parishioners, to consider who in your family or friends need our process. We look forward to hearing from you and to another wonderful year of the R.C.I.A.!