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Reminder to Lectors:
For the 8:00 Mass, and whenever there is NO CANTOR, stay and speak the response between readings.

– Lectors sit on the left side of the first pew down from the Ambo, right next to the Baptismal Font. The Altar Servers will sit on the right side of the same pew.
– Wait for the queue to read the announcements and introduction to Mass.
– At the Liturgy of The Word, stand & bow before ascending steps to the Ambo.
– After the first reading, turn the page in the Lectionary for the second reading, step down and face the Tabernacle, then bow, and return to your seat.
– Follow same reverence of bowing before and after the second reading, and be sure to turn the page to the Gospel for the Deacon.
– Return to your seat (You may return to the same pew, or you may walk along the back of the church to your family’s pew).

When there are two Lectors:
Lector A:
Does the greeting and announcements from the binder when queued, followed by the introduction for the Mass.
Lector B: When no deacon is present, Lector B reads the petitions from the binder.

Please be sure to use the correct sheet of announcements or petitions for your Mass.

As always, if you cannot be present on the day and time for which you are scheduled, please find a substitute.


4:30 PM:

9/30: (A) Joanne LaMarra, (B) Laurane Santoro
10/7: (A) Marge Hasher, (B) Laurane Santoro
10/14: (A) Marge Hasher, (B) Laurane Santoro
10/21: (A) Marge Hasher, (B) Laurane Santoro
10/28: (A) Laurane Santoro

8:00 AM:

10/1: (A) Nancy Fitzgerald, (B) Mike Fitzgerald
10/8: (A) Nancy Fitzgerald, (B) Mike Fitzgerald
10/15: (A) Nancy Fitzgerald, (B) Mike Fitzgerald
10/22: (A) Mark Gurnett, (B) Mary Rossiter
10/29: (A) Mark Gurnett, (B) Nina Giacona

9:30 AM:
10/1: (A) Lisa Perez, (B) Bill Dingman
10/8: (A) Lisa Perez, (B) Bill Dingman
10/15: (A) Lisa Perez, (B) Janice Fipp
10/22: (A) Bill Dingman
10/29: (A) Bill Dingman

11:00 AM:
10/1: (A) Helen Masianich, (B) Tony Marinaccio
10/8: (A) Nancy Orlando, (B) Pat Orlando
10/15: (A) Helen Masianich, (B) Tony Marinaccio
10/22: (A) Nancy Orlando, (B) Pat Orlando
1029: (A) Nancy Orlando, (B) Pat Orlando

10/31: 7:00pm Vigil Mass – Laurane Santoro
11/1: 12:00 noon Mass – Cindy Kern
11/1: 7:00pm Evening Mass – Marge Hasher