Congratulations on Your Engagement

You are engaged to be married and, desiring the blessing of God on your union, have approached the Church to witness and seal your vows to each other.  Marriage is a divine vocation involving an enduring sacred relationship lived in the community of the Church and the wider human family.  For two baptized Christians, marriage is a sacrament of Christ’s love expressed in a couple’s living out their marriage vows day to day in the grace of the Lord. Even when a valid marriage is not a sacrament, a Christian and an unbaptized spouse commit themselves to each other in radical openness to the design of God the Creator.

The priests and staff of St. Gianna’s Parish are ready and willing to assist you as you prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage in our parish church.  We promise to pray for you in a special way during this time and rejoice that God has called you together.

Couples planning to marry at St. Gianna are expected to contact the priest to arrange a date and time first. Second, they must attend the Pre-Cana Conferences as mandated by the Most Reverend Bishop. The period of preparation for marriage is a minimum of six months to ensure completion of all arrangements before the wedding date.

It is recommended that you contact the Parish office one year in advance to ensure proper preparation for this Sacrament.