2nd Grade

May Make up times!!  Prayers and Tests
Prayers CCD 2nd Grade

May 25th 6-6:45 Thursday
May 29th 12 noon to 1 pm  Monday
May 30th 3:30 to 5 Tuesday


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Spring Test April 3rd  (HS April 4th)

2nd grade Spring

Test 1     Test 1 answer key
Test 2     Test2 answer key

Winter Test Feb 13th (HS 15th)

Complete questions
2nd grade winter

Test 1 answer key    Test 1

Test 2 answer key   Test 2



ADVENT   QUIZ Dec 12th


Complete Questions and answers

Test 1 with Answers                Test 1
Test 2 with Answers                Test 2


FALL   Quiz Nov 7th.

Complete Questions with Answers

Quizlet flash Card set

Practice Test

Test 1    Answers
Test 2    Answers
Test 3    Answers         
Test 4